How To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System in Utah

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System in Utah

Summer in Utah is very hot, so it is important that your air conditioning system is working properly. Whether you are reliant upon a window unit or have a central cooling system, it is vital to ensure that this is in good working order. Doing so will help you to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment during even the most extreme temperatures. It will also help you to maintain a higher quality of indoor air.

Getting Ready To Work On Your Central AC System

Before performing any maintenance on a central AC, you must make sure to fully power down the various components. With these systems, there is usually a condenser unit at the property exterior and an indoor evaporator assembly. This can usually be found in a closet, basement or under the interior stairs.

How To Clean Your Evaporator Assembly

If you can access your evaporator, you should make sure to clean it on a yearly basis. If the evaporator plenum is sheathed in a metal case, however, rather than in insulation, you should have a licensed AC technician perform this maintenance for you. Otherwise, you can start by removing any foil-wrapped insulation on this unit. Once the insulation has been removed, additionally remove the screws from the access plate that lies beneath it and use a stiff brush to scrub away accumulations of dust and debris.

Your should then check out the condensation pan or tray that lies beneath the evaporator. You can pour a small quantity (less than one teaspoon) of chlorine bleach into the weep hole. This will help to prevent the development of mold spores. Empty and clean the condensation pan and return to its place. After having replaced the access plate, tape the insulation back in place and turn your system back on.

Condenser Maintenance

Given that the condenser is located on the outside of the property, you will have to take care to remove all weeds, shrubs and grass from this area. You can simply cut these back or you can alter your landscaping so that this foliage never abuts your home cooling equipment at all. Use a quality coil cleaner to soap the condenser coil down and then flush this clean with an ample amount of cool water. Remove built-up dirt from the condenser fins with a soft brush or cloth. You should also check to ensure that the concrete slab beneath your condenser is level. This can be adjusted by lifting the pad and placing loose gravel beneath it as necessary.

Window Unit Maintenance

Maintaining a window unit is easy. These models need to have their filters regularly replaced in order to ensure optimal functionality. Filters should be changed at the start of warm weather and once per month during frequent use. Given that all components are housed in a single system, there is little need to step outside in order to perform this task. Always make sure, however, that the unit is unplugged before you attempt filter replacements or any troubleshooting steps. With both central and window-mounted units, it is vital to contact an AC professional when issues are suspected. Check out if you need Utah air conditioning experts.

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