Innovations in Television, Internet and Phone are Occurring at Warp Speed

Innovations in Television, Internet and Phone are Occurring at Warp Speed

For decades our information gathering sources were the radio, television the Internet and Telephone. Our choices were rather simple. We chose a cable provider to watch television, an Internet provider to surf the Internet and communicate via email. Then we had a landline telephone for one on one communication. The unstoppable thirst for new and better ways to communicate has led to the introduction of streaming content over the Internet. Then came the Smartphones and Tablets that combined Internet, phone and on demand content.

The traditional three modes of TV, Internet and phone still remain intact. However, within each of these strands we have witnessed lightening speed innovation. Here are some examples.

Television. We have two competing modes of transmission. Cable had a virtual monopoly on content until the introduction of satellite TV. Satellite TV offers more channels and special ones like ESPN and Discovery. Cable is trying to retain its customers and has developed creative ways of bundling. Bundling is creating a package of any one or all three modes of TV, Internet and phone.

Internet. The innovation in this mode has been nothing short of amazing. Smartphones and Tablets make it possible to access the Internet virtually anywhere. Previously, you were tied to a desktop computer and monitor. Now you have the freedom to travel and still be connected..

The second leap forward has been the speed of the Internet. The innovation in fiber optics has boosted speeds up to 10 gigabites at Bell Labs. You can now download a movie in just a few seconds. This new speed has produced streaming content over the Internet.

Another innovation has been the transmission of calls and videos over the Internet worldwide via Skype.

Phone. Landline phone service is almost a give away for the cable providers. It is almost impossible to compete with Smartphones.

Enter the consumer with a host of questions and choices. To make the choices easier simply go to: This site offers descriptions and special package offers from the major providers. Let’s take one example of Time Warner packages.

Phone. You can have just the phone. One package.
TV. TV packages start at 20 channels and go all the way up to 200+ channels
Five packages to choose from
Internet. Internet packages are based on speed. Speed ranges from 15/1 mbps to 50/5 mbps. Six packages to choose from.

TV Internet. Packages are based upon the number of TV channels and the speed of the Internet. Six packages to choose from.

TV, Internet Phone. These packages are more complex. You must choose an Internet speed as well and the number of channels available. Three packages to choose from.

As you can see Time Warner packages offer 21 different choices.

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