Maintaining and Keeping Your Water Heater Working

Maintaining and Keeping Your Water Heater Working

Water heaters can actually last a lot longer if they are taken care of properly and will not have to be replaced as often. When testing and maintaining a water heater, there are certain steps that are needed to ensure the longevity of the heater. Always test the temperature pressure release valve. This can be done by placing a bucket under the pipe connected to the valve and lift up valve tab to let water out. Then let go of the valve to see if water keeps flowing. If water does keep flowing you will need to install a new temperature pressure release valve.

The next thing to check would be the anode rod. If the anode rod happens to have a thick coat with calcium on it, it is time to replace this as well. The anode rod needs to be checked every year at least once. Then it should always hang in the tank to ensure that it prevents rust.

Another great way to help keep a water heater working is to drain all the water and wash out anything in the bottom of the tank. This will get rid of sediments. It will need to be continued to have water placed in the tank and drained out until all the water comes out completely clean. This will keep the inside of the tank clean and help from any nasty buildup.

One way to help save money on an energy bill is to take the temperature dial off the tank and lower the degrees down to 120. Every time it is lowered it is going to help save additional money on the energy bill. Also if planning on being away from the home for more than 3 days it is suggested to turn the tank completely off to save even more money since it is going to be unused. Water heaters do not take long to reheat water when it is turned back on.

It is recommended to insulate the tanks pipes and heater. This will help from condensation and to help keep the heat in. The only thing is with the insulation is that you do not want to put it on the top of a gas or oil heater. This could cause a huge fire hazard.

By following those simple steps one is not only going to help save money on an energy bill but also help maintain and keep their water heater. This will ensure that one doesn’t have to replace their water heater as often as those that do not do anything to their water heater. If there are additional issues Austin has heating repair services that can help further assist with the issue.

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