Tips For Property Managers

Tips For Property Managers

Being a property manager can be a hard job. If you do not get a good tenant, you are often forced to be mean to the person to get them to pay their monthly rent check. You may also find that you end up dealing with middle of the night phone calls to fix water leaks and other issues. Depending upon how many properties you own, dealing with these issues can be frustrating. Hiring a property management company is a great way to help you manage your properties correctly, and ensure that you will have a nice monthly income. After being a renter, it is easy to know a good landlord from a frustrating one. Here are just a few tips for property managers on how you can improve:

  1. Meet your tenants. While you will meet your tenant during the initial interview process, you also need to try and really work on saying hello to them once and awhile. Keeping in contact with your tenant will help both parties if they need to suddenly move, or you need to evict them. The best thing to do is introduce yourself to the tenant in the first month they move in. Each month try to send a letter thanking them for a timely payment and their overall residence. It’s a simple way to let them know that you appreciate them.
  2. Be clear with the contract. Some people love animals, others despise them. You must be clear with the contract terms. If you are lenient with a tenant on animals, another may find out and will want to have the contract terms altered for them. You also need to make sure the contract is clear about illegal activities and things that will automatically terminate the contract. If you are getting a lot of complaints about a tenant, contact them and discuss the concerns. Remember to site some city ordinance laws if you have people breaking the noise enforcement code or other concerns. Your goal is to get all the information you can and try to resolve a problem before contacting the police.
  3. Schedule maintenance. If the tenant contacts you about a broken appliance, schedule a time that is convenient for them to have it repaired. Most landlords will try to have it repaired in a day or two so the person is not without an oven or microwave for a long period of time. You should also have a schedule for other things like yearly maintenance work that will need to be done. It is also important to inform them of mowing days and other yard work that will be done so they know when to bring their animals inside as you work outside.

There are many challenges and job responsibilities when you invest in properties. Consider hiring a Los Angeles Apartment Management Company to help you effectively manage such properties and care for your tenants needs.

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