Tuning up your AC

Tuning up your AC

If you are like me and live in a place that gets hot in the summer time you learn to rely and appreciate your air conditioner. In fact, if something goes wrong and it’s broken, be in for a hard day. Therefore it is vital to keep your air conditioner working properly. Whether you have a window unit or a central air system it is important to make sure it gets regular maintenance so that it can work at its optimum level. Just like most things if they go without cleaning, air conditioning units can collect dust, dirt and mildew in the central parts which makes the whole unit run less efficiently and produces a lower air quality that is being pushed into your home. Therefore it is important to keep your units regularly cleaned so that stuff doesn’t build up and cause potential problems. Chances are that the manual that your air conditioning unit came with has specific instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Also be up to date on any warranty you may have and take advantage of professionals coming to service it every once and awhile to keep it running smooth. The following six tips are more ideas of how to keep your air conditioner working properly and in good condition.

First, you can install your central unit away from any foliage whether in a window or outside. Keeping the unit away from extra dirt and debris is important to help keep it clean.

Second, you can clean and replace your unit’s filter every month when it is being used on a regular basis. Depending on circumstances, such as if there’s a lot of dirt where you live or if you have pets in the home, you may need to change or clean the filter more frequently as needed. Just keep a good eye on it.

Third, you can monitor the drain line of the central unit to make sure it doesn’t clog up with mold and mildew. If you are finding mold and mildew is clogging it can cause water to back up into your home causing some big messes. To prevent this from happening simply pour some bleach into the drain’s access hole each Spring. If a clog does happen try using your vacuum to suck it out.

Fourth, you can dust of the hosing of the unit when it becomes dirty and remove it. Make sure to always sweep away any debris from the inner compartment pieces. Fifth, you should contact a service provider and have them check out and inspect the condenser and evaporator coils. A service provider is needed for this because they may require being cleaned with chemicals. The service provider should also check all the electrical components to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Sixth, make sure to cover up the part of your unit that is outside especially during the Winter months in order to protect it from weather damage and of course unwanted debris.

Even if you do all of the above mentioned things in order to properly maintain your air conditioning unit it is still a good idea to have a professional come out once a year to check things out and give it a more in depth tune-up. The better care you show your AC the better it will take care of you. 

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