What to Do If You Find Yourself With Pests

What to Do If You Find Yourself With Pests

Thankfully, I haven’t yet had to experience a pest infestation in my home. I believe this is due to the fact that my condo is only 3 weeks old. I know people who have had pest issues however, and it isn’t a very pleasant experience. That being said, how can you control that sort of problem from happening or getting worse? Keep in mind there are some tips to avoid having an infestation of pests in the first place.

In order to prevent pests, make sure there isn’t food, shelter, or water that they can get into and that is inviting them into your home. Make sure any food that is in your pantry or storage is tightly secure in plastic or glass containers to keep pests out. Make sure your garbage is secured tightly in a garbage can and is taken out regularly to avoid overflowing. Make sure there is no leaky plumbing or accumulations of water just sitting out in your home. This can include water bowls for pets, and even flower pots that have water at the bottom. Believe it or not, clutter attracts pests so be sure to discard old newspaper, magazines, and cardboard because these are all nesting places for pests to gather. Make sure you have taken care of any places in your home where pests might be able to enter. Make sure to caulk cracks and crevices you may have, you can use steel wool to cover spaces around pipes and even cover holes with small wire mess. Basically in order to prevent a pest problem you need to make sure you aren’t inviting them in.

Another piece in order to prevent pests is to make sure and utilize pesticides correctly. After spraying pesticide make sure your pets and children stay away from the area. Always follow the safety warnings and instructions on any and all pesticides that you use. Make sure what you use is safe for your home. There usually will be warning labels on the pesticide saying where it is safe to use and where you should avoid using it. Make sure that when you are done with a pesticide that you dispose of it properly. The pesticide container should give you instructions on how to do this. Keep in mind that there are three things you shouldn’t do when using pesticides. First, never use outdoor chemicals indoors. They are meant for outdoor use for a reason because of their toxicity, so don’t bring them inside. Second, never assume twice the amount is better. Pesticides are dangerous so follow the directions on the container precisely and don’t do more than you need to for your safety. Third, never transfer pesticides to other containers than the original. Since they are dangerous they need to stay separate from everything else.

If you find yourself needing assistance with a small or large pest control issue feel free to give McCarthy Pest Control Exterminator a call. They have been in business since 1968 and are able to give you great service at a competitive rate. So don’t hesitate to give them a call today and get those pests out of your home! 

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